Green Cleaning

green-cleaning-300x125We have been providing commercial cleaning services for over a quarter of century. We have grown as a company to become not only environmentally friendly, but also pro-active as it applies to Green Cleaning.

Our clients demand stricter compliance with their environmental goals. We partner with them to help meet these goals. Transpacific wants to provide a safer environment for our clients’ employees and visitors in their facilities. We assist in providing safer, more environmentally friendly cleaning products, thus reducing contaminants found in various cleaning chemicals. We only use Green Seal Chemicals that are GS-37 Certified. When asked to provide paper products for their facilities, we insure that none of these are from old growth forests. The paper is either recycled or from new growth forest farms that are in compliance with our clients’ environmental goals.

More and more clients are trying to have their buildings gain an LEED Certification. Green Cleaning is a vital part of this certification process. This is why we hire cleaning consultants with a strong background in Green Cleaning and the LEED Certification Process to assist in the training of our cleaning staff.

Some of our Green Cleaning practices are:

  • Green Seal with GS-37 Certified Chemicals
  • Cleaning systems that utilize microfiber products
  • Vacuums that are hepa/ulpa
  • Chemical dispensing systems that minimize excess chemical use
  • Elimination of usage of solvents, and acids
  • Elimination of aerosol sprays
  • Conservation of electricity by only lighting the area we are directly working in at night and then ensuring that the lights are shut off immediately afterwards
  • Conservation of water

We not only partner with our clients to meet their environmental goals, we partner with our vendors as well. Some of vendor partners are:

  • Spartan Chemical
  • Surtec Systems
  • Sac-Val Janitorial Supply
  • CleanSource
  • Ecolab